Our Platform


We strongly believe that abortion in the United States should be illegal. At its core, it is immoral and unethical. The legal definition of murder is "the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another." This is an exact description of what abortion is. When elected, Isabella Crispell will outlaw abortion and make sure it is illegal in all states. 


We believe that immigration should be done legally. We have regulations and laws set in place to protect the citizens of the United States and ensure the brightest future for our country. We believe that there is incredible importance in bringing new cultures and diversity into our country, but there should be a well regulated process to enter. If Isabella becomes President, she will do her best to decrease drugs, diseases, and violence from crossing the border. 

Gun Control

Our campaign believes in the second amendment and the right to bear arms. There shouldn't be more restriction on firearms but rather our team believes that we should focus on the mental health of our citizens. The majority of mass shootings are preformed by a person who was later deemed with some form of mental illness. Instead of installing more restrictions we should rather provide a psychological evaluation that would deem if you are capable of handling a weapon. Guns are vital in self defense against those who do not follow the law and intend on hurting others. Taking away firearms is equivalent to taking away an ability to protect ourselves and others. Another reason why we have this protective liberty is to make sure our governments are not turned tyrannical. Along with foreign threats, you have to be able to defend yourself against the government that is supposed to protect you. 

Mexican Drug Cartels

The Mexican drug cartel makes an average of 500 billion dollars per year. It is made up of seven different families and as they gain more power and money, homicides have tremendously increased in Mexico. Along with the Mexican people being slaughtered and raped, the drug crisis as been increased drastically and thousands of people die from overdoses each year. The United States government already sends aid with the Merida Act, but not much more can be done without endangering our country or military troops. What can be helped is tightening our security on our borders to prevent billions of dollars of debt brought to America by illegal immigrants who bring increased risk of crime. We are not trying to demonize all Mexicans that are seeking asylum, but we do need to set our priorities straight and put the American people first. Our main priority is the United States, and that is how it should be. We should all be grateful to live in this prosperous and thriving country, everyday. 

Affirmative Action

Affirmative action looks good on paper, but in all actuality, it sets all parties involved up for failure. Whether you are the person receiving the extra advantage, or the person who is being penalized for your ethnicity or background, you are being placed in a position you are do not deserve, or you are not prepared for. At it's core, it is unfair. If Isabella Crispell is elected, she will make sure affirmative action does not take place systematically across the nation.


We think that education is an incredibly crucial part of an individual's life. To improve the quality of education received across America, we will opt to pay teachers a higher salary, ensuring that the most qualified people will be in charge of your child's education. If a person's child is in need of education, then they should get a more quality education. If the quality does not reach the standards they will need to get educated on how to teach by professionals. We also will make funding schools a priority to increase the income of the teachers and the entire campus.


Healthcare should be about quality, not low cost. We believe that, in order to provide a useful healthcare system, the government should provide healthcare at a cost. If a federal healthcare plan were to be free, there would simply not be enough funds to make the plan effective; the only way a "free" federal healthcare plan would be useful is if its expenses were built into taxes. Because of this, the Crispell-Kastens campaign will strive to make a cost-effective, but not free, federal healthcare system.

Capital Punishment

We strongly believe in justice. The more heinous the crime, the more intense the punishment. A lot of people go to jail so they get free healthcare and they get the money by taxpayers. This is not right on many levels that money could go to better use than criminals. In only the rarest cases should someone be killed for their actions. In cases like murder and who knows if they don't still have the intent to kill more people. Another cause would be an act of terrorism which could kill many people and cause a horrifying act in history. They should be on death row in those cases based on the evidence that they are in danger of hurting more citizens. 

Minimum Wages

Although raising minimum wages sounds like a wonderful idea on paper, the action actually brings a bunch of other negative side effects that will impact the overall economy. With the raise of wages, the cost of goods rise to compensate for the pay the workers will gain. Not only will it increase the prices of goods all over the country, it will cause the amount of taxes collected to rise because the value of money will decrease. Minimum wage jobs are not meant for people who are trying to support their family. They are for people who have just recently entered the workforce and are just getting off of their feet (first freedom from their family and parents). This should be a start for teenagers and other young workers. The states can change there minimum wage even though based on this evidence it does not need to be changed. 

Free or Partially Free College

We believe that college debt should not be completely forgiven. If college costs nothing, then the value of degrees will decrease immensely. Hence, most jobs will require people to have a higher level of education than college in order to obtain the desired position. This will defeat the purpose of minimizing the amount of money college costs. 

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