Our Team


Isabella Crispell

Presidential Candidate

 I was born on April 23, 2003 in Orange County, California. At the age of 8, I moved to the beautiful state of Colorado. I have always been an active leader in my community, through  different outlets such as: community service, volunteer work, and state law petitions. Taking action and helping the less fortunate has been a big part of my life. I hope to achieve this on a grand scale by becoming your future President. Our country has an incredibly bright future and I will do my best to let it shine. When I am elected, I will work towards a better life for all people, not only those who are in this beautiful and prosperous country. I will achieve this by taking diplomatic actions with other countries, ensuring peace for all. Although diplomacy is important, American citizens will always come first. It is time for a change, and if elected, I will not let you down. 


Josef Kastens

Vice Presidential Candidate

I, much like Isabella, am a strong figure-head who sees a bright future for the country. With the strength of Isabella and myself in office, we will run this country for the people, not just ourselves. Our campaign promises to help solve many foreign policies that the previous presidents have failed to help with. Outside of our campaign, I do have a personal life. I graduated from Oxford as valedictorian of my class. I likes to mountain bike, draw, and help the people. With my help, the Crispell-Kastens party will improve this country because it is time for a change.


Trevor Kastens

Press Secretary

I am Trevor Kastens and i am press secretary. I was born in Lone tree Colorado and strongly agree with all that the Crispell campaign has to offer. The Crispell campaign is in it for all the citizens of the United States Of America. we will listen to the people and improve the citizens life over all.

Ethan Sims 

Campaign Manager

     I am a seasoned campaign manager who only chooses to support the strongest of candidates. My political beliefs are most closely related to the Republican Party. I was born on April 29, 2003 in Texas, but I moved to Colorado several months after I was born. 

     Sparking my interest in the political field, I ran for fifth grade class president. After winning this class election, and many more, I realized that running a campaign is my specialty. Participating in politics-based extracurriculars, my high school experience significantly enhanced my knowledge about the political field. I next went to Stanford, where I earned my Master's degree in political science. After gaining a reputation through internships and careers in my field, I was approached by the current U.S. president, Donald Trump. Getting President Trump into office opened up many doors for me. I chose to support Isabella Crispell because I firmly believe she is the best choice for the United States.

Mayela Skowronek

I was born in Texas, when I was seven we moved to Wisconsin, then shortly after we moved to Colorado. I met Isabella shortly after I finished Vet School at Colorado State University. After college I opened my own practice. Ten years later Isabella and I got married and now I am a proud spouse to be able to watch her express her beliefs and better todays society by running for president. 

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